Design Flaw in v8.0 Console

(imported topic written by rmnetops91)

In the Custom Sites view when viewing which users have permissions to a custom site, there is a red REMOVE button at the top of the pane. This button does NOT remove users, but removes the entire custom site.

Please rename this button to say REMOTE SITE instead of just REMOVE. Very confusing.

In the meantime I’m waiting to hear from support how to get our custom site back and all it’s group, fixlet, and task content.

(imported comment written by SystemAdmin)

We’ve been discussing changes to the toolbar that would make its behavior more obvious. Previously, we’d seen people think the document toolbar behaves on the list above the document pane. Hopefully changes we make can resolve both issues.

I’ve also added a bug with your “remove site” suggestion, as well as a suggestion to make the resulting dialog a more salient warning, as it has major consequences.

(imported comment written by rmnetops91)

Awesome. Thanks!