Deploying Fixlets to An AD Group - not working

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I am trying to deploy a Fixlet only a given AD group. But on any computer.

For example I want to deploy a fixlet to the AD group “Mike’s Group” whenever a member of that group is on computer A, computer B, etc.

In my head, I should be deploying the fixlet to all computers, and selecting “Run when at least one of the selected users is logged on, and only display the user interface to those users” then select my ad group. In reality, when I do this, the fixlet runs on all machines, for all users, period.

It is as if the radio button for “users in the following groups” is not working, and instead deploying to all regardless of what I have selected.

Any ideas?

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Hi macook,

Which version of the agent are you running? And can you check if you are running with “efficient mime” (


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Problem solved.

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Solved by enabling efficient mime? Good…