Deleting a directory and/or files

so i want to build a fixlet that will check to see if a directory/folder exists and if so delete the directory or all the files in it. I need it to pull the name of the user and use that in the delete string, but i can’t figure out how. I have a simple one working one user by using their name in the string. But i’d like it to work with out me having to put the user name, marty, in.


exists folder “C:\Users” AND exists folders whose (exists folder “AppData\Local\GPtest\GlobalProtect” of it) of folder “C:\Users”


delete “C:\Users\marty\AppData\Local\GPtest\GlobalProtect*."
delete "C:\Users\marty\AppData\Local\GPtest*.

Do you want to delete it from all user profiles, or just a particular profile?
There is not a looping mechanism in action script, but you can build a batch file on-the-fly to emulate a loop. Note “%0d%0a” is the Carriage Return / Line Feed character combination which will split this script into multiple lines and %22 is the doublequote character.
I’m on a phone, not a computer, so test this first without the delete command, just build the batch file and look at it first -

Delete __appendfile
Appendfile {concatenation "%0d%0a" of ("del /q %22" & it & "\Appdata\Local\GPtest\GlobalProtect*.%22") of pathnames of folders of folders "C:\Users"}

Delete cleanup.cmd
Move __appendfile cleanup.cmd
// remove comment from the following line if the batch looks correct

//Waithidden cmd.exe /c cleanup.cmd

Edit: missed closing %22 character