Data Received from QRadar to Bigfix but not populating Vulnerable computers dashboard

Hi all

Thanks in advance for any help
Bit of back ground i manage a QRadar Siem and am trying to send QVM vulnerability Data to Bigfix so it can be patched.

The VM data is getting to https://:52311/api/dashboardvariables/Qradarscan.ojo

First few lines below(I have removed names ip etc.)
DashboardData Resource="https://<localhost>:52311/api/dashboardvariables/Qradarscan.ojo/20170911.154222.000.2.Test%20Patch%20Scan%20.Patch%20Scan.000001"> <Dashboard>QRadarScan.ojo</Dashboard> <Name> 20170911.154222.000.2.Test Patch Scan .Patch Scan.000001 </Name> <IsPrivate>false</IsPrivate> <Value> {"name":"20170911.154222.000.2.Test Patch Scan .Patch Scan.000001","assets":[{"fqdn":"endpoint","besid":"7645871","risk":"3471.10","addr":[{"ipv4":"**<endpoint>**"}],"cves":[{"id":"2008-0074","risk":"5.90"}................ etc.

There is however no Cve ids being shown in the Qradar ‘Manage Vulnerable computers’ dashboard.

The QRplugin shows the following for the same time period.

{"level":"info","message":"No new data detected from Vulnerabilities Scan","timestamp":"9/11/2017, 2:57:03 PM"} {"level":"debug","message":"Polling /api/dashboardvariable/QRadarScan.ojo/20170911.154222.000.2.Test Patch Scan .Patch Scan.000001","timestamp":"9/11/2017, 3:02:16 PM"} {"level":"debug","message":"SaxStream completed, closing jsonFile write stream","timestamp":"9/11/2017, 3:02:16 PM"} {"level":"debug","message":"Successfully received polling response from /api/dashboardvarible/QRadarScan.ojo/20170911.154222.000.2.Test Patch Scan .Patch Scan.000001","timestamp":"9/11/2017, 3:02:16 PM"} {"level":"debug","message":"Successfully received response from BigFix Server","timestamp":"9/11/2017, 3:02:17 PM"} {"level":"debug","message":"Polling /api/dashboardvariable/qui.ojo/assets","timestamp":"9/11/2017, 3:02:17 PM"} {"level":"debug","message":"Starting to merge data : 11/09/2017 15:02:17.311","timestamp":"9/11/2017, 3:02:17 PM"} {"level":"debug","message":"Parsing assets from the asset list xml file: C:\\Program Files (x86)\\BigFix Enterprise\\BES Server\\Applications\\qrplugin\\temp\\computers_15216764.xml","timestamp":"9/11/2017, 3:02:17 PM"} {"level":"debug","message":"Time taken to parse computers from xml file: 0.047 seconds","timestamp":"9/11/2017, 3:02:17 PM"} {"level":"debug","message":"Found Asset with a Match for BESID: 7645871","timestamp":"9/11/2017, 3:02:17 PM"} {"level":"debug","message":"Finished parsing out 0 computers","timestamp":"9/11/2017, 3:02:17 PM"} {"level":"debug","message":"Deleting file: C:\\Program Files (x86)\\BigFix Enterprise\\BES Server\\Applications\\qrplugin\\temp\\QRScan_15216170","timestamp":"9/11/2017, 3:02:17 PM"} {"level":"debug","message":"Could not find file to parse ","timestamp":"9/11/2017, 3:02:17 PM"} {"level":"debug","message":"parseAssetsFromJson callback","timestamp":"9/11/2017, 3:02:17 PM"}

From the above it appears that the data is getting to the API but no being accepted for some reason - Finished parsing out 0 computers

Im at a loss to why this is, i have added all the computers to this site and the users have the correct permissions.

any help would be really appreciated

Anyone have any ideas on this ?

If you haven’t already done so, I’d suggest contacting IBM Support on this issue.