Custom Web Report

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I’m working in a

web report with bigfix. This relevance it suppose to bring all of

the computers whose name start with “CRS”.

For some strange reason, it only brings computers with Windows 2000 Oerating System

and it doesn’t show any Windows 2003 computers.

Can you help me? Thanks.

(html “

” & it &

html “

Computer NameService Pack
” ) of concatenation of (trs of (td of (names of item

1 of it) & td of (values of result (item 1 of it, item 0 of it))))

of (bes property “Service Pack” , bes computers whose ((name of it

as uppercase starts with “CRS” ))) whose (exists results (item 1 of

it, item 0 of it) whose (not error flag of it) AND exists name of

item 1 of it)

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Hi hernan,

I think your session relevance looks solid… Perhaps the “Service Pack” property has no results on the Win2003 computers? Do you have more than one “Service Pack” property?


(imported comment written by hernan91)

Thank you Ben, now it works