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First post here, I recently inherited a BigFix environment in my current position with another coworker and currently in the process of cleaning things up and undoing some neglect. My first priority from management is to gather all vulnerable Linux machines so we can easily push out missing patches and ease administration going forward. I envisioned creating a custom site for Linux patches and filtering for Red Hat and CentOS at the site level under subscriptions. The site utilizes an automatic group created from the previous admin that gathers all the Linux machines in our environment. In addition, I added a statement expanding upon this to filter only Red Hat/CentOS servers for my custom site.

My problem is that when I create the site, it it automatically populated with machines even when I have no filtering. If I explicitly filter only for Red Hat/CentOS then the site’s subscribed computers pull the machines I want but it also grabs Macintosh and Windows workstations. I have tried deleting and recreating the site, verified that the machines being pulled were not inadvertently placed in the automatic linux group and expanded upon my initial filtering to exclude any OS with Macintosh and Windows in the name. Has anyone every encountered this issue or recommend a place I could start troubleshooting. The logic seems straightforward but I am getting odd results. Is it worth defining relevance at the site level or is there a recommended method? Thanks.

To start with, you probably want to enable the various Linux patch sites. As an example, there are a few “Patches for RHEL” that are out there and you need to get the appropriate version(s).

Once you have that, you would then create a custom site for the platforms. In those sites, you would create baselines, which are collections of fixets (patches) from the content in the “Patches for XXX” site.

Setting the subscriptions for the site you could use something like:
Computers which match the condition below: OS contains “Red Hat”

One trick to setting the subscriptions, if you have multiple conditions, you will see a new dropdown appear with the values “any” (default) and “all”. If you have the “any”, this could be what is causing your issue with the wrong systems displaying.

Check out the following links:

Hope that helps.

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Thanks for your reply. I have enable the needed Linux patch sites and tried to use OS contains “Red Hat” to no avail. I was able to drilled down to the automatic group and cut and past the relevance from there and that seems to work fine with the additional conditions I added. Not sure why the preset conditions don’t seem to execute but if I write my own condition it seem to work as intended.