Custom 'Right-Click' Option - Copy Computer Name

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Having a custom ‘right-click’ option to simply copy the computer name into the clipboard (as opposed to the entire row), might be useful. Or perhaps this can be a full-fledged feature. What do people think?

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I have simply been writing right click tools for the things that I would normally want to paste a computer name into. It makes for less “keystrokes” at the cost of a busier context menu. If I really want to copy the computer name I just SHIFT-CTRL-P and copy from the resultant ping window.

For people wanting to keep the menu clean it might be a great advantage to be able to copy just the computer name instead of the whole line.



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Hey Aram,

I have heard some customers requesting this option because they want to make lists of computer names for various reasons. I suppose you could do something like this as an easy workaround:

  • Create a right-click menu item.
  • The command can be something like “cmd.exe /C echo " & computer name & " > computernamelist.txt”

That will at least create a file with a list of the computer names.


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Check it!

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\BigFix\Enterprise Console\Settings\ComputerListContextMenuExtensions\FillClipBoard] 
"&Copy Hostname" 
"\"C:\Program Files\BigFix Enterprise\BES Console\RunQuiet.exe FillClipBoard.exe -H \" & name of current computer"

Drop these two executables in the BES Console folder (or whatever path matches the ShellCommandRelevance)

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I get the same error with this Right-Click as I do with this one -

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It looks like my attachment does not upload.

The error I receive is a Pop-Up box with this:

Not all the selected computers were able to run the selected action.

FYI … I am only selcting 1 PC at a time and I have tried different PC’s

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Just wondering if anyone had any success with this? Right-Click and get the PC name would be a very nice option.

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Hi Jr,

I got this working by changing the

“ShellCommandRelevance”="“C:\Program Files\BigFix Enterprise\BES Console\RunQuiet.exe FillClipBoard.exe -H " & name of current computer”

“ShellCommandRelevance”="C:\Program Files\BigFix Enterprise\BES Console\RunQuiet.exe " & "FillClipBoard.exe -H " & name of current computer

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I still must be missing something. Same error.

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Hi Jr,

You’re missing a double-quote at the beginning of the ShellCommandRelevance path. You should enter it in regedit manually exactly as Doug listed above. In the .reg file it will look like:

“ShellCommandRelevance”=""C:\Program Files\…

Your’s shows the escaped double-quote is missing:

“ShellCommandRelevance”="C:\Program Files\…