Custom Reports

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Was just wondering…how can I create custom reports, which can contain almost all the fields like Username, Make, Processor info, IP address, OS version, Application Information etc. within one report.

Since the readily available format restricts the above just wanted to know if its easily possible for System admins to create the same.



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You can do this with a computer properties report in Web Reports. You can also do this in the console and copy the results to a spreadsheet or database.

In Web Reports:

  1. Choose ‘Create’ from the top navigation bar.

  2. Choose ‘Computer Properties Report’ and click next.

  3. Use the top 3 boxes to choose how the results are organized.

  4. Use the bottom box to select any properties you would like to appear as columns.

In the console:

  1. Right click the column headers on the computers tab and chose ‘Edit Column Settings…’.

  2. Choose the properties you’d like summarized and order them how you’d like, then click OK.

  3. Select the results and paste them into an excel chart.


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That gives me everything I need, except for the number of CPU’s. How can I get that?