CPM Web Reputation - What IP/Port is it connecting to?

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I have an e-mail in to support on this too, but figured I may as well see if anyone can supply any info here.

I am trying to get Web Reputation up an running, but am having trouble. I need to know what address out on the internet it is trying to connect to.

Also, what is it actually doing behind the scenes? I tried watching it a bit with wireshark, but am not understanding what it is trying to do. If I have IE set to use our proxy config script, I see two web addresses show up in wireshark that are trendmicro sites. I’m assuming that is where it is trying to go.

But, if I un-check the proxy boxes, I never see those requests show up in wireshark. We need to use the proxy here to get out, but I would still expect to see the attempt from Web Reputation.

I know there is a task to give Web Reputation the proxy settings, but that is looking for a username and password. We don’t use a username and password on our proxy server.

Basically, I can’t find a description of what Web Reputation is trying to do, so that makes it hard to troubleshoot why it isn’t working.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Does this help?



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I saw that post and I’m not sure if it really helps. It might. Is 6999 the actual port that it connects to the internet with, or is that port used for something else. Of course this only answers half of it. I’m still not sure what it is trying to connect to, even if that is the correct port.

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Yes, it starts at 6999 and will try up to find an open port up to 7009 (I believe). There is a setting you can use to restrict at least the start port, and possibly the end port. Please contact support for help there.

I believe the url is http://*.wrs.trendmicro.com or http://wrs.trendmicro.com but I’m not 100% sure.