Core Protection Module - Remove Old Files, Folders, and Registry Keys

This task will likely be used more frequently now as CPM is being phased out. But, someone with IBM needs to take a look at it. Despite the “Source Release Date” being 5/5/2011, it looks to still be “in development.” There are a number of lines that are commented out, and some out-and-out errors. How is this line, the third from the end, supposed to work?

delete RegEdit /S “{value of variable “TEMP” of environment}\TMCPMCleanUpService.reg”

I’ve created a custom copy and “fixed” it the best I know how, but IBM really should update it to “production” quality.

What site is this in?

Endpoint Protection -> Core Protection Module -> Troubleshooting

The site may have been maintained by Trend so we’ll have to see what can be done about the content. If possible I suggest you open a PMR for it.

Thanks, I’ll consider a PMR. For now, I believe I have it working the way it was intended.