Copy file to a specific folder

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Hello everyone,

I searched into the forum for solving my problem but I could not find anything,

so I ask you if you can help me:

what is the fastest way to deploy files (Word, PowerPoint, etc …)

in a specific folder ?

in my case I would copy them to the user’s desktop:


I have tried using the wizard but without success

thanks in advance

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You will need to get the install source files, package them up (you can do this manually or by using the software distribution wizard), and then instead of running the installer, you can copy the file using a cmd such as:

waithidden cmd.exe /C move __Download “{(pathname of folder “Desktop” of install folder 53) & “\OfficeFiles”}”

You should test that and see if it helps (“install folder 53” is the current user home folder on my computer, but I don’t have much experience with it)…