Content in the Server Automation site has been modified 07-26-2022

Content in the Server Automation site has been modified.

*Reasons for Update:
Improved the Windows Cluster patching content as well as other stability improvements

*Improvements on Windows Clusters patching content

New! Added support for Microsoft® SQL Server version 2016, 2017 and 2019 in Microsoft® Windows Cluster patching content
New! Effectively manage Always On Availability Groups (AAGs) windows cluster patching using the new Status Collector service

*Stability improvements and resolved Defect Articles:
KB0098080 : Plan Parsing issue : Automation Plan do not start at scheduled time
KB0098101 : While executing the automation plan action, the VM is getting created and native client is restarted, but that VM Esxi client reporting with two entries in BigFix Console

*Published site and components version:

Server Automation - Site Version: 85
SA Plan engine version : 9.5.63
SA RC version : 9.5.63

Actions to Take:

Gathering of the site and installation of the new Plan Engine, installation of the new Remote Connector, and Server Automation REST API modules will get the updates installed.

BigFix Server Automation Documentation:

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