Concatenation with LF (linefeed) in Linux

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I’ve reviewed all the code snippets I could find in forums involving the concatenation command and editing text files, but not found an example of concatenating with a line feed in Linux.

I would like to take a file that contains:




and simply append


Using various codes examples in the forums, I tried:

Q: concatenation “%0d%0a” of (lines of file “/tmp/test”) & (“line4”)

A: line1%0d%0aline2%0d%0aline3line4

Figuring the "%0d%0"a might not be working because it designates the CR+LF that’s specific to Windows, I tried specifying the LF only:

Q: concatenation “%0a” of (lines of file “/tmp/test”) & (“line4”)

A: line1%0aline2%0aline3line4

So… any ideas on specifying LF on Linux using the concatenation inspector?

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Hi nicoya,

You need to use slightly different relevance and also the relevance debugger will render the literal %0d%0a in the result string, whereas if you run the relevance as an argument to the createfile command in an action script so that the result is written to a file on disk, you will see that the file does in fact get created with the appropriate line breaks.

You action script would look like this:

createfile until END_OF_FILE
{concatenation “%0d%0a” of ((lines of file “/tmp/test”) ; (“line4”))}



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This basically worked, but I had to make a minor syntax tweak to resolve a “command substitutation” failure every time the concatenation line ran - below is what finally worked for me:

createfile until END_OF_FILE
{concatenation “%0d%0a” of (lines of file “/tmp/test”) & (“line4”)}

move “/tmp/test” "/tmp/test.bak"
move __createfile “/tmp/test”