Concatenate actions and conditions

Hi all,

I’m trying to create a custom action that linked two tasks, but I’m not so expert of authoring. Could you help me please?
The first task install the software on a list of servers (e.g…: server001,server002)
The second task install the client software on clients (e.g: client001a, client 002a) The clients are in the same ou of the server and differ from it for the last 3 digits (server PI90100001S, Client PI90100002C) .
The clients software won’t work if server is not installed before and I cannot do more than 10 Server each day.
I have already created the task for software installation (client and server), but I don’t know how to link them…
I tried with baseline, but I don’t know how to customize the action.
Do you have any ideas?