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Below is screenshot from the console for a duplicate computer, there are a lot of this in our console, sometimes there are 8 duplicate copy of an endpoint. I have a question about the computer remover tool, if we run the tool on the server with an option to delete duplicate copy of an endpoint would it retain the original endpoint or the duplicate copy that reported latest?

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It depends on how old the information is but it should keep a record of it in the database as long as it’s not older than 90 days. You can also use the -T switch to specify how many days old the data must be before removing it from the database entirely.

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The problem is if you see my screenshot above, notice that duplicate computers have incomplete data reported. will it retain the original endpoint? which is the 1st one or the second one with an incomplete details considering that the second one reported latest?

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The tool would base it’s criteria for removal based on the last time any machine checked in. For example, here is the command line switches I use once a week to clean out decommissioned machines that haven’t reported in 30 days:

BESComputerRemover.exe -l -f -e -t 30 -E -D -P "IP Address" "Computer Name"

This line will remove clients that haven’t reported in the last 30 days and go after duplicates. From your screenshot, it will go after the 2008R2 server because it’s not the most recent reported endpoint. Using the -P switch (PropertyName), it bases the context of what a duplicate is on “IP Address” and “Computer Name”.

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So this means it will retain the duplicate with incomplete property( not reported, undefined)?

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Since it’s newer, yes.

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Follow up question, will the not reported and undefined property will be updated once duplicate copy removed?


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I doubt it. The client seems to be sending those values back to the main server in its report. If the problem persists, I would recommend opening a PMR with IBM to look into it.

Try sending the client with the incomplete data a refresh to see if that helps.

I would also look into why you are getting the duplicates in the first place.