Computer not shown in some of the console operator rights

(imported topic written by edmund_quah91)

We have created 6 operator.

Master operator can see all the computer.

The rest of the 5 operators have the same setup and rights, but the computer that they seen is different.

For example, PC1 can be seen by 4 of the operator but not the last operator…

PC2 cannot be seen by 1 and 3…

{The % of the computer not shown is less than 1%, but still it post problem of monitoring}

I have request the System administrator to restart the BES client and collect the client log. Everything looks okay, there are no error messages in the log.


a) how to re-push the operator rights to all the client machine again?

What I am afraid is the machine maybe offline during the creation of the operator. Thus even after the machine come on-line, the synchronization time already over, therefore it does not registered the rights into it registry key.

b) how to prevent such things from happening again?

(imported comment written by BenKus)

Hi edmund,

The agents are responsible for determining who administers them based on rules from the server, the agents keep these rules at all times so you shouldn’t have to worry about synchronization issues, but you do need to make sure the agents are on and connecting to the server.

There could be many things that might have gone wrong here including console cache getting corrupted somehow, agents not seeing the new action, agents having some sort of gathering issue, but you probablt need someone from support to look at the computers to tell for sure.

a. To reissue the management rights, change anything about the management rights and they will be re-issued.

b. We will need to figure out the problem first and then we can figure out the solution.