Codebase problem

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I have a user in canada who gets this error when he tries to connect:

“an error occurred while attempting to connect to the database: Database Error: The code page of this application (1257) does not match teh code page of the database (1252)”

I found this post: and I also scoured google but I cannot find out how to change the code page for the DSN. I’ve been searching around for at least an hour but can’t figure it out. I also found this registry entry here but not sure what to change: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Nls\CodePage

How do I change the unicode of the console user (DSN) to match the database?

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Hi Tommy,

this basically means that your database is installed in english encoding (1252), while your user’s non-unicode is set to Baltic languages (Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian).

the most Straight forward way to resolve this is to match your user’s non-unicode setting to english (control panel ==> Regional and language options ==> advanced and change the “language for non-unicode programs” to “english”.

reboot your computer, and you’r done.


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Your fix worked for me. Thank you so much! I was really making this harder than it was. I should have thought to look in Regional settings right away.