Clients restart many times

When I execute the restart command, some clients would restart many times. I have to stop the action to solve this problem。

We need more information.

  • Is this the only command in an action with only one task or fixlet?
  • Do you have any relevance on the action/task/fixlet?
  • Do you have any retry logic on the action?
  • how is the action targetted?

What version of the client are you on?
Has the task failed at one point and worked on a retry?

The action script is "restart 1"
We wanted to restart some pc,and the action execution time was set at 2 am.
But the next day we found that some machines did not restart, because the time zone was error.
So we set the correct time zone for these machines.
then the problem arises.
It is now known that the operating system of these machines is win xp.