Client push to Windows Server 2008 failing

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I’m trying to push the BES Client using the BES Client Deployment Wizard to a machine with Windows Server 2008 installed. I’m receiving the following error.

"Assembling computer name…

Connecting to remote machine…

Installation Error: Windows Error: No network provider accepted the given network path.

Deleting installation files…

Installation failed."

We’ve opened TCP and UDP ports 52311, enabled the firewall rules for COM+, RPC, TCP-in and Icmpv4-in. Still no luck. This is our first attempt at pushing to Server 2008 so any help is appreciated.

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Hi Joe,

That error looks like it an MS error… Perhaps you can try to troubleshoot with the RPC Ping tool at:

Some more info is here:


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Thanks, Ben. I’ll try the RPC ping tool and let you know what I find.