Client Dashboard - How To

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Looking to do two things with the client dashboard:

1 - Show the results from the last Stinger Scan initiated via a fixlet or offer. Stinger scan results when run through the fixlet are stored in the Registry.

2 - Enable a Send Info to Helpdesk feature that would gather some client data (System Name, IP, Time, Date, Etc) and display it to the user and either send an email or open a ticket via a URL.

Anyone done something similar and could share?

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Any help from this post?


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Well, sort of. Item #1 I’ve got. Item #2 I’m not even close. Can the client dashboard do an HTTP post with some gathered data, as that would be the preferred method vs trying to run the local client email app and sending an email. The other option for us would be to just display the HTTP based help desk support request form in the client dashboard, but I don’t believe that is supported either.

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I think it can do an HTTP post if it is an HTML form (but I am not sure if javascript will work).