Check all user accounts of all client

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I need to check the user accounts and permission of all workstations in my system.

Because of some of my admins was login to the client computer by used their user account when their config some application and forget to delete it after finish.

I need to check what computers that have admin user account created in. How can I do by using BigFix?

Thank you for your support.

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Hello Tanut,

These are some relevance statements that you might be able to use.

You can create new Manage Properties to collect these data from the Console.

q: (names of it, admin privilege of it) of local users

A: Administrator, True

A: Guest, False

q: names of local users whose (admin privilege of it = true)

A: Administrator

q: exists local users whose (admin privilege of it = true)

A: True

Lee Wei

(imported comment written by tanut91)

Thank you Lee Wei