Certificates under Windows 7

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I can’t seem to get certificates to install under TrustedPublisher for Win7, via Bigfix anyway.

By hand, from a DOS command

(run as administrator)

, no problem:

certutil -addstore trustedpublisher “path\BomgarDriverCert.cer” - just works…

same thing in BigFix:

waithidden certutil -addstore trustedpublisher “__Download\BomgarDriverCert.cer” results in a “pending download” forever… Same results with/out quotes, using certmgr.exe which I can drop in the same location, just using BF to drop the files and run a wise script locally…I tried all I can think of, it just doesn’t work.

Am I doing something wrong or is it a limitation of Win7 security ?

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You need to use the full path name, not just “__Download\BomgarDriverCert.cer”

“{(pathname of client folder of current site)}__Download\BomgarDriverCert.cer”