CentOS not being listed in OS Vendors under Patch Management and no updates available after downloading and registering the CentOS plugin

Working on the Eval edition, I have imported 10 or so machines to the console. Half of which are Windows and half of which are CentOS. I can patch the Windows machines fine but having an issue with the CentOS machines. First of all, under OS Vendors, there is no listing for CentOS. Also when I go to the specific machines there are only 2 patches available to install and none of them are specific CentOS updates. I have download and registered the CentOS plugin and it is the latest version as well. These are CentOS 6.7

I suspect that CentOS 6 patches are not part of the evaluation edition

Check the license dashboard to see if there is a site for CentOS 6 that needs to be enabled.

There is not a specific site listed in the License Dashboard that says anything about CentOS in particular.

You are right - this thread can be closed - “As it turns out, the 30 day, 30 device default evaluation license is quite limited. CentOS patching is not included.”


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Here is the same link, but in the new forum: TEM 8.2 Eval - CentOS patching?