Can't run vbs script

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I’ve been trying to run this script and I can’t seem to get it to work.

prefetch Computerrename.tmp sha1:fdf04c4d45210f8fcf12635ebc89cdeade3e29dc size:433

extract Computerrename.tmp

runhidden “{pathname of system folder}\cscript.exe” “{((pathname of client folder of current site) & “__Download\rename_computer.vbs.vbs”)}”

I’ve tried this with this iteration…

runhidden cscript /e:vbs rename_computer.vbs

Any ides? I found many posts with suggestions but nothing works.

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I don’t use cscript very often, so pardon my questions …

I assume you included an inadvertent typo in your runhidden command. Did you really intend to execute the file called
? (note the duplicate .vbs extension).

i notice that the alternate iteration you listed includes the directive to specify /e:vbs, but you don not include this directive in your runhidden with the variable replacement.

Have you tried the command …

runhidden "{pathname of system folder}\cscript.exe" "/e:vbs {((pathname of client folder of current site) & "\__Download\rename_computer.vbs")}"

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I failed to remember that the BES client runs as system and doesn’t have access to AD. I’m going to have to use netdom do fix all these.

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This is the command we use to run a VB script .

waithidden cscript.exe “C:\temt\MysampleVBS”

continue if {exit code of action = 0}