Canned Web Report for Action Summary

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Good evening,

I have a question regarding the ability to view the code in certain canned Web reports. Actually the particular one I’m interested in is the “Action Summary”. We would like to adjust this report in the way it’s presented and possibly add a few items. I ran the report and then saved it in hopes of being able to “edit” like some others but the only option I get is “rename”. Is there a way to save it as an editable report and if not would anyone know if the code is availabe anywhere? Oh and we are using version



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Hi JJ,

The built-in reports unfortunately are not editable outside of the interface (the html is generated by a reporting engine).

If you wanted to modify it, you would need to spend the time crafting a custom report from scratch that looked the same…

Note that in 8.0, web reports is significantly different (and better) and it might naturally solve your issue.