Can we get mobile devices' LDAP info from TEM console?

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For mobile devices, can we get their AD info from TEM console? In our env, we can see all PC’s activity directory path, but can see none for mobile devices. Please help advice. Thanks in advance.

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Are you mobiles regsitered in AD, in our environment they are not part of the domain.


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Actually our mobile device holders are using their AD credentials to register the device, because we configured the AD server into TEM for authenticated enrollment.

By mobile device registered in AD that you mentioned, is it the same thing? If no, how to do that? Thx.

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Hi umbrella,

The issue here is that the devices are not actually part of Active Directory (unlike Windows computers that register as computer objects in AD when you join them to a domain). Since iOS/Android can’t be joined to a domain, that AD property is blank.

You are also correct that we do authenticate the user (not the device) if you are using our LDAP authentication mode. However, we currently only use LDAP for authentication rather than for pulling the user group info. To make groups today, you can use the native grouping mechanisms in the TEM platform based on any property (including the enrollment questions).

Hope that helps,


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hi Ben,

Thanks for your reply.

The reason why I want to get the AD info of the mobile device holder in TEM is that I have a requirement to arrange the mobile devices by their holders’ department in company. You know, the AD info can reflect the holder’s dep in company and by creating automatic computer groups in TEM by AD info is able to arrange the devices by dep. When the holder’s dep changes, his/her owned mobile device can change its computer group in TEM accordingly.

The native grouping mechenism as you mentioned, I’m not sure if it’s able to and how to meet the above need.