Can I migrate BES services using DSA?

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Both in my lab and in production I have a smallish BigFix server. We are ramping up BigFix clients quickly, and new (64-bit) hardware is on the way. The end goal is two huge 64-bit BigFix servers, with DSA. I already have the new hardware for my lab…

What I


I’d like to do is set up one new 64-bit server using DSA with the small server, then fail-over to the big guy. Next, pull out the old small server, and then set up the second new server in DSA. Any downsides to this? Is this a dumb idea? Will the clients freak-out?

I know the alternative is the article here, but if there is no downside to a DSA fail-over, then I’d prefer that method. If this is just not supported then I’ll follow the article, no problem.

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Hey Jimbot,

I use this method when I migate servers… it is arguably more work than the straight-forward migration techniques, but I like it… The only trick is that when you throw away your original server, you need to muck with your database ids to reassign a new server as a “primary server”.


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Right on! I saw a tech note on changing the new server to ID 0. I’ll dig that up.

Thanks for the input, you just made my Friday 100% better!