Broken RHEL Custom Repository Management Dashboard

(imported topic written by lynchmv)

IEM 9.1.x

After enabling ‘Patches for RHEL6 - Native Tools’ and enabling the ‘Repository Configuration - Red Hat Enterprise Linux’ analysis, we are unable to view the ‘RHEL Custom Repository Management’ dashboard. The following error is returned:

10/03/2014 17:46:56.020[ERROR] Error evaluating relevance: Singular expression refers to nonexistent object.

10/03/2014 17:46:56.020[ERROR] relevance: (name of item 0 of it, id of item 0 of it, operating system of item 0 of it, concatenation “,” of (ip addresses of item 0 of it as string), concatenation “,” of values of result(item 0 of it, bes property “Subnet Address”), (number of values of item 1 of it + number of (values of item 2 of it) whose (exists it)) ) of (item 0 of it, results(item 0 of it, item 1 of it), results(item 0 of it, item 2 of it)) whose (not error flag of item 1 of it) of (applicable computers of it, property 1 of it, property 2 of it) of fixlet whose (name of it = “Repository Configuration - Red Hat Enterprise Linux”) of all bes sites whose (name of it = “Patching Support”)

I do see valid results when checking out the analysis. Has anyone else seen this or is there a known fix?