Blacklist, event and custom function

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Something need to clarify,

  1. Is there whitelist/blacklist app control function in the current release? I didn’t find it in my installation.

  2. For mass mobile deployment, do we have an event driven processing model? (means triggering server side processing when device side event (configuration change, violation, etc) occurs)

  3. Is there API to the server database so that custom business function could be developed? (like batch processing, statistics, etc)


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  1. You can go to the app management section and you can categorize apps as blacklisted, enterprise, or custom tags. See more info at


  1. The BigFix platform has policy-driven abilities to react to changes… (For instance, if a device is detected as jailbroken, it can automatically warn the user or deprovision the device).

  2. Yes. The normal BigFix APIs apply to MDM as well{%20[native%20code]%20}&tag=api


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Thanks Ben!