Bigfix Upgrade 9.5.4 - 9.5.9 License file question

Our Bigfix/ILMT implementation is under Passport Advantage ( single Redhat server w/local DB2 database ).

Instructions say ( manual upgrade ):

  1. Copy the BigFix installable image to the BigFix server computer and extract it to a folder.
  2. On the BigFix server computer, run the BigFix server upgrade script: ./ -upgrade [-opt BES_LICENSE_PVK=<path+license.pvk>]

My question is:
Does the license.pvk file come from the “Bigfix Installable Image” or is it from the existing implementation?

The only *pvk file I see on the system currently is:


There is this license file:


Need some clarification… thanks

It would be the site signing private key - the same file you use with the BESAdminTool. Not sure that there’s a default path for it. Ideally, you wouldn’t keep it local on the server but most of us do.

I don’t believe I have used the “BESAdmin Tool” yet, so I am not sure what the name of the “site signing private key” would be? When it was installed about a year and half about our documentation shows “” was run and the following was noted ( below ). # of the files are still present.

  • MASTHEAD_FILE=masthead.afxm <<<< still exists
  • LICENSE_PVK_FILE=license.pvk <<<< only a __ClientKey.pvk file exists.
  • LICENSE_CRT_FILE=license.crt <<<< still exists, it is a key file
  • LICENSE_AUTHORIZATION_FILE=LicenseAuthorization.BESLicenseAuthorization

Is there a way to check if it is one of these 2 files?

Thank you.

It’s neither of those files, it should be the license.pvk. You will definitely need to find that file. If you guys maintain some kind of secure storage, vault, backups, something like that you should check there.

Bad news is, IBM does not have your pvk file. That’s generated at your site and IBM cannot replace it.

If you cannot find your license.pvk, IBM can assist you in creating a new one. But that involves a ‘masthead switch’, where you have to stand up a new BES deployment and migrate your clients to the new deployment. You can export content from your old deploymebt to your new one, but lose client history and the links between your baselines and their source fixlets.

Finding your old license.pvk is preferable by far.


Thank you for assisting me with this. Unfortunately I cannot find a “license.pvk” either on the server or backup copies. I open a ticket with IBM Support regarding this, I believe we are running on an evaluation copy of the tool and maybe it doesn’t come with a proper “license.pvk” file. I will update this topic with their reply. And thanks also for detailing the other option.

Many thanks!