BigFix Session Relevance Tester Issue on Windows 7

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I installed the BigFix Session Relevance Tester on windows 7 and was unable to connect to the BES Server

in the connection parameters, I can bring up the web reports in a browser.

I opened a hold in the firewall, for the application, for the port 52312, shutdown the firewall… ?

I also found this issue on 2008

it reports

“Connection test results: The Underlying connection was closed: The connection was closed unexpectedly”

any ideas ?

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I just tried it on my Windows 7 computer and it seemed to work… Not sure what the issue might be… Does it still work for you for WinXP?


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just a guess, but you might need different ODBC drivers. Maybe 32 bit instead of 64 or SQL Native Driver instead of SQL Client. Again, just shooting in the dark off the top of my head.