BigFix remediation and optimization contractor needed- SF, CA

(imported topic written by JGPG_joe_inch)

We have a need for a BixFix expert to help remediate an existing multi site BigFix server patch management implementation that is not currently set up optimally. The goal is to optimize the environment to industry standards and best practices and then hand that environment and related documentation back to the customer team and NOC. The position is for a enterprise sized company based in downtown San Francisco.

Candidate must demonstrate solid hands on experience architecting, deploying and managing sizeable BigFix patch management with windows hosts. This is a consulting position, so insurance and clear record are also requirements. The engineer would need to be onsite for the duration of the project, but there is room for flexibility if needed. This position is open immediately. Rates will be based on capability.

Please reply to this or contact me directly if you are interested or have any questions.

joe -dot- inch at ACSACS -dot- com