BigFix Patch has now extended support to include non-security updates for Ubuntu 22.04

BigFix Patch is pleased to announce that it has extended support to include non-security Ubuntu updates for Ubuntu 22.04 on x86_64.

The new site called ‘Updates for Ubuntu 2204’ use apt-get, which is Ubuntu’s default package manager and contains content which has priority set to:

  • Extra
  • Standard
  • Important
  • Required

The packages marked as “Optional” are excluded due to the huge number of the content that would impact the performances (over 80.000 packages)

Supported repositories for Ubuntu 22.04 systems under this new site is:

• jammy
• jammy-updates

Actions to take:

The new site ‘Updates Ubuntu 2204’ requires entitlement to any of the following licenses:

  • BigFix Remediate
  • BigFix Lifecycle
  • BigFix Compliance
  • BigFix Workspace / Workspace
  • BigFix Enterprise / Enterprise+

Subscribe to the ‘Updates for Ubuntu 2204’ site from the License Overview dashboard.This new site requires BigFix Client version 10 Patch 7 ( or later.

Note: If the site is not showing in the License Overview dashboard, update your license from the dashboard by clicking on ‘Check for license update’, then run the BigFix Administration Tool (BFAdmin.exe).

Published Sites:

Updates for Ubuntu 2204, version 1.

Application Engineering Team


I’m on Lifecycle. I’ve checked for License Update and nada. License Update Date = 6/10/2024 in the License Overview. Last “LicenseUpdater” entries in my BESRelay.log are:

Mon, 10 Jun 2024 18:23:46 -0500 - LicenseUpdater (19044) - Site certificate update detected, BESAdmin must be run to propagate the change.

Sun, 16 Jun 2024 18:53:32 -0500 - LicenseUpdater (6708) - HTTP gather for was successful. HTTPS connection to {} was unsuccessful due to {HTTP Error 28: Timeout was reached}; retried using HTTP

Hi David,
we have encountered some issue during the update of the new sites information into our licensing server, and hence you are not able to see and enable those sites from your license dashboard. We are working to resolve the issue and i will update this forum post with a comment once this issue will be resolved.

Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Alessandro De Lorenzi
BigFix Product Management


Hi David,

we have resolved the issues and you should be able to see now the new sites in your license dashboard after running the BESAdmin.

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