BigFix Multi Tenancy

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Hello Experts,

below is my current setup


Subnet : single subnet

Servers : BES server installed on Windows 2k8 (

BES Console + BES relay installed on other windows 2k8 ( ) (

Database configured on SQL server (

Having One win2k8 for testing

Domain : all the above 4 systems are in one domain (

BES Clients : installed BES clients on all server except Database


What i am looking for ?

our company provides cloud infrastructure to multiple clients ( includes private cloud and dedicated hosting infra ) .

we have identified Bigfix as centralized application to perform patch management and software distrbution to our customers across the globe.


a) can i provide multi tenancy with Bigfix. For eg: can i use bigfix to manage PM and SW distribution for servers and clients of company abc and company xyz.

When i read through the technical details , i see no harm as bigfix console seperates clients / servers using AD / IPaddress — Please let me know if it is not possible to have multi tenancy

b) My plan is to deploy bigfix relays at company abc and at company xyz and both of these relays point back to Primary / root relay server hosted at our company and updates the console respectively — please let me know if it is possible

c) what are the considerations i have to take with respect to this model in place. Because if we are successful with 2 customers, then eventually i will use this model for all other customers and make bigfix as standard utilitly.

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any assistance would be greately appreciated.

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multi-tenancy is a reasonably common use case. Not only do we work with service provider partners, but we also find that many of our customers segregate responsibilities in a multi-tenant fashion. That said, the forum may not be the best place to go into detailed design; it looks like your question got missed because of a holiday break in the US, where many of the forum readers are located. Please contact our sales team to continue the discussion.