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Can the URL reflect the direct path to the KB your on? or can it be a link in the KB. This makes it easier for bookmarking for later reference.

Whenever you search and find a KB article the URL only reads:

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Unfortunately, the version of the knowledgebase software we are using, SupportWizard, doesn’t offer a way to link directly to the reports (can you believe it?).

We wrote our own redirection link using the format: where ??? is the article number, but I believe you already know that because you just posted some of these urls.

We are looking to get some more sophisticated software for searching our KB and documentation pages. We will let everyone know when it is ready.


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Thanks for the information. That post actually is what prompted me to write this one.

I have a few KB’s bookmarked and then always have to copy/paste: and change the ??? when i want to save others.

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Hey Stacy,

We have thrown away our old knowledge base software and replaced it with the new system.

The days of confusing URLs should be gone and hopefully the days of easy-to-find-and-link-to-pages are here to stay.