BigFix Data Model?

For data in BFEnterprise/BESReporting, is there a way to generate a data model? I have an app that want to consume BigFix computer data and they are looking for supporting documentation.

Best course is going to be either SOAP via the WebReport server or RestAPI queries via the BigFix server itself.

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Hi, I’m looking for a document on the data structure, not how to make the calls.

I’ve asked something similar years ago and always got “not recommended to ever touch BFEnterprise by yourself, it’s not supported and it can/will cause issues”, hence no documentation was ever made available as far as I know (unless something has changed). It is treated as proprietary information… BESReporting itself holds absolutely no data! The data WR uses is stored as cached files on the filesystem, not within the db (always has). If you happen to have Insights configured, the schema for it is officially documented and shared, so you maybe able to get the data out of it if DB connection is your preference and assuming you can live with whatever your ETL schedule/delay is…

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This use case isn’t making direct DB calls, I just want to know if there is a data model/map for the data returned from the BigFix APIs.

No, not officially. Based on some queries I’ve used written I can give share my own mapping (can’t guarantee that it is 100% accurate or complete, so use at own risk). Hope it gives you what you are after,

  • bes action = [BFEnterprise].[dbo].[ACTION_DEFS]
  • bes action results = [BFEnterprise].[dbo].[ACTIONRESULTS]
  • bes properties = [BFEnterprise].[dbo].[PROPERTIES]
  • bes property results = [BFEnterprise].[dbo].[QUESTIONRESULTS] & [BFEnterprise].[dbo].[LONGQUESTIONRESULTS] depending on the size of the data
  • bes fixlets = seems to be spread over [BFEnterprise].[dbo].[EXTERNAL_FIXLETS], [BFEnterprise].[dbo].[CUSTOM_FIXLETS], [BFEnterprise].[dbo].[EXTERNAL_ANALYSES], [BFEnterprise].[dbo].[CUSTOM_ANALYSES], , [BFEnterprise].[dbo].[CUSTOM_BASELINES]
  • bes fixlet results = [BFEnterprise].[dbo].[FIXLETRESULTS]
  • bes computers = [BFEnterprise].[dbo].[COMPUTERS]
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The closest we have to a DB schema for BFEnterprise is this:

If you want to have a data connection or integration, I might suggest you take a look at Insights.
There is a schema published for BigFix Insights


Avoid messing with the DB, it’s not officially supported and the schema is subject to change (i.e. you app will break between BigFix versions).

The BigFix REST API was created to do what you need, it is documented and stable.

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