BigFix CyberFOCUS Analytics 1.2 & WebUI Update is Now Available

Release Summary

Features and Enhancements

  • CyberFOCUS Analytics Initiative Report
  • WebUI Patch and Patch Policy Site Support Updates

Defect Article Resolution

KB0109315 - job route occasionally runs and fails on autopatch document page when a job hasn’t been created
KB0109395 - Invalid table “CORRELATIONS” reported by latest version of autopatch
KB0108665 - Duplicated entry in CyberFOCUS_CISA KEV report CSV file (CISA_KEV_Content)
KB0111240 - Insights ETL customers who have a large deployment might experience performance issues with DatasourcePropertyResult, DatasourceActionResults, and StagingFixletResults.
KB0111241 - If the customer is using a replicated BFEnterprise, the DBTS() sometimes changes when the replication database is created, it will become slightly higher.

Security Vulnerability Resolution

CVE-2023-45857 - Insights - Security incident and upgrade to Axios 1.6.0

CyberFOCUS Analytics Initiative Report

The new CyberFOCUS Initiative Report helps you track and analyze groups of vulnerabilities (CVEs) within your environment. You can define initiatives to group related CVEs, use super groups to combine computer groups and analyze vulnerability prevalence in specific parts of your environment, and monitor the progress of vulnerability mitigation efforts. This report provides valuable insights to improve your vulnerability management strategy, allowing for easier collaboration, coordination, and remediation for a more intelligently secure environment.

Please note that the vulnerabilities shown in this report are reported from relevant patches on the devices and may not fully account for superseded patches. For questions or more details, contact your BigFix support team.

New Patch and Patch Policy Site Supported Operating Systems

  • Debian 12
  • Suse Leap 15
  • Amazon Linux 2023 Graviton

How to update

WebUI will update automatically by default, unless configured otherwise. Update to the latest version of the CyberFOCUS site to get the latest version including the Initiative Report. Please note that updates for BigFix Insights must be done manually via the Application Updates page on WebUI. For more information, please see: Managing Application Updates


Site Versions

Site Type Name Version
WebUI Site WebUI Autopatch 40
WebUI Site Datasync 28
WebUI Site WebUI Insights 24
WebUI Site Patch 44
WebUI Site API 21
WebUI Site SCM 11
WebUI Site CyberFOCUS 31

We have reverted some of the WebUI Patch OS Support in an update, for more information please see this announcement: WebUI Patch OS Support Notice (March 2024)

This has been resolved and information about the new release can be found here: WebUI Patch OS Support Update (April 2024)

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