BigFix based customization requirement

Hi Team,

Is there any way to get control over unwanted / unknown applications in their desktops/laptops. can customer put application control mechanisms in place for their laptops/desktops.

If we have BigFix and SUA implemented already can we expect for this kind of requirement.

The intent is to accurately identify all applications found on the desktops/laptops. The BigFix/SUA combine method because it uses multiple methods to accurately identify applications and has an application signature catalog for high accuracy.

Further we want to use broad categories like whitelist / Blacklist / unauthorized etc to correctly classify the applications.

Thereafter we want to get into the “control” phase where we want to look at ways of removing applications.

Any kind of help would be really appreciated in this regards.



There is no built-in capability within BigFix or SUA to whitelist or blacklist applications.

There are third-party tools that integrate with BigFix to provide application whitelisting like RES ONE Workspace (full disclosure, I work for RES). There are also other tools that provide the functionality you’d need to do whitelisting like Applocker.

Neither gives you a checkbox in SUA to whitelist an application but both will let you pick specific applications and versions of applications and allow you to whitelist them.

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