BigFix App for QRadar and QVM Integration with BigFix to be Deprecated

BigFix has had two integrations with QRadar in the past. The first was an integration with QRadar Vulnerability Manager in our Compliance module and the other is the BigFix App for QRadar. IBM support for QRadar and QVM has waned and we’ve begun to shift our development focus towards more streamlined and efficient security management solutions within the BigFix platform itself. Because of these factors, we are officially announcing the deprecation of the BigFix App for QRadar and the QVM integration into BigFix Compliance as of the 31st of July 2024.

We recommend that users currently leveraging QRadar integration begin exploring alternative methods for managing security data within BigFix. The BigFix platform offers a robust set of built-in security features, including CyberFOCUS, Insights for Vulnerability Remediation integration with Tenable, Qualys, Rapid7, and ingestion of a custom .csv file of found vulnerabilities.

We encourage you to visit the BigFix documentation or contact HCL support for further guidance on these alternative solutions. If you have any additional questions, ideas, or comments please don’t hesitate to reach out or visit our ideas portal.


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