BigFix 8 Actionsite Version

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I have noticed that after the upgrade to BigFix 8, Action Version isn’t working as expected. The listed BES Server Actionsite Version in “BigFix Deployment Health Checks” is fixed at 6082 (my last action before the upgrade?) and version for all my relays have started version counting from 1 again. The relays are all in sync (currently actionsite version at 74) and everything is working.

Not reallly a problem but slightly annoying as the “BigFix Deployment Health Checks” will warn about status “Failed” as long as there is a dfference between the server and the relays.

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We’re looking into this issue. If you look at the analysis, BES Health Checks Analysis, what actionsite version does it say that it is on?

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Another thought, has the client on the server been updated to 8 yet? If not that could be causing the problem.

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Seeing the same problem here. Server was all 8 and then a few test clients and the relays. We first noticed it inthe deployment health check as well.

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Actionsite Versions:

Server 6082

Relays 77 (all in sync)

Client wasn’t updated to 8 on the root server at the same time as the relays. Updating the client didn’t seem to change this.

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We’ve made a change to fix a problem with the “BES Health Checks Analysis” that was reporting the wrong actionsite version number after it reset. Gather the latest version of BES Support and this should be fixed once the server reports in for the updated analysis.

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Great! working now.