Big baseline spikes console CPU

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I’ve just created my first baseline and have added all applicable Microsoft patches (363) as components. This includes pretty much everything released for Win2000/2003 servers accept service packs, IE7, .NET3, and SQL patches.

When I open this baseline in the console from a workstation or the BigFix server the local CPU spikes to 100% for 30 seconds then drops to 0% for 10 seconds then back up to 100% for 30 seconds and keeps doing this until I close the baseline. I don’t have this issue when I am editing it though.

My relevance has been changed from TRUE to:

exists key “HKLM\Software\Asurion” whose (value “BuildVersion” of it >= “1.1”) of registry

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated since it is making the basline very hard to use…

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Hi Robert,

The BES Console and agents have known slownesses in BES 6.0 when using very large baselines. You really should limit you baselines to more like 50 or so Fixlets to get the best performance.

Probably the best thing to do would be to separate your baselines by OS (or maybe by year), this not only will help you solve the current limitation in BES 6.0 (until you get to BES 7.0), but it also generally is a best practice and makes the baselines easier to manage.

In BES 7.0, we have implemented many optimizations on both the console and agent side to make baselines more friendly and efficient when you have lots of components.


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Thanks. I like the idea of breaking out by year. Is there any best practice documentation for BES? Unless I just missed it there was nothing about limiting baseline sizes in the Admin or Console docs…

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So I broke these out by year and noticed right off that my 2007 baseline was still behaving the same way. I then went further to breakup 2007 into Jan - June and July - November. July - November behaved the same way. I’ve now narrowed it down to one of the fixlets in October but that is as far as I’ve gotten…