BFI Software Summary Custom Column

Hi All,

Is there a way I can add a custom column to the software summary page to track whether or not a piece of software has been approved for use in our environment?

I don’t want anything fancy, just a value that would be manually updated for each piece of software as we are attempting to build out an approved software list. I would like to simply select either Approved, Not Approved or Not Reviewed. So for example if we decided that 7zip will be our approved software for handing compressed files we can mark it as approved and any other software such as WinZip or WinRAR will be not approved so we can begin the process of uninstalling it from all of our endpoints.

I hope this makes sense.



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Of the columns available in this report, only the End of Support column can be edited by a user, and then, only in the Software Components report. And it is not an appropriate place for the type of data you’re looking to add.

I think that the Component Tag would serve your needs. It is quite flexible, and could serve other purposes beyond your idea. However, this column would need to be added to the Software Summary report by the BigFix developers.

I recommend that you submit a request for enhancement at HCL BigFix Product Ideas Portal - BFI.