BESRemove tool design problem

Officials are recommended the uninstall tool, but I found a process of using, and opened the PMR - 86321,124,672, when the BESClient installation directory under the dish root directory, or other custom directory, through BESRemove.exe uninstall, discover the other file to the root directory will be deleted。

The reply about this PMR is a tool is so of the design

But some of my thoughts are so, I am a C++ programmer from China, if it is my product, I wouldn’t be so design, delete the directory is a specific big risks 。

  1. Some customers don’t know much about computers, this is normal, can’t ask customers too master.
  2. No matter how the client installation, BESClient is working properly, and does not prohibit such installation.
  3. Remove the user’s other files .
  4. Add or remove programs in control panel is normal, no delete redundant files.
  5. If the BESRemove as advanced tools, it shouldn’t have been recommended.

What do you think
Thank you

The BESRemove tool is designed as a “full cleanup” so as files are often scattered by applications and customers performing their work under the BES Client directory on Windows, the BESRemove can only try to clean items up by deleting the “StoragePath” directory which is by default on Windows the same as where the client is installed.

It is definitely poor practice to install any program to the root directory of a drive but we should detect that and just fail the removal because of the issues you are pointing out, but the user does need to be aware of what the program does and I’ll see if someone can look at!/wiki/Tivoli%20Endpoint%20Manager/page/BES%20Remove%20Utility to make the data clearer that it will delete the directory and contents below it.

My understanding is that the user has made a mistake, (Is installed in the root directory is not a mistake, just a bad operation, ),the BESClient installed in the root directory, but it does not affect the normal work of the BESClient, if we use BESRemove.exe, cannot continue to get off the second user mistakes other files, delete the directory I do data protection is itself, so particularly sensitive to delete the data…

So there is no change on the premise of, I can only recommend users to use the control panel, add or remove programs uninstall unless do a check of the installation directory.

About PMR 86321,124,672 Official recommended we use BESRemove.exe, but for BESRemove.exe may cause problems and ignore,
How do we choose?

Thank you

BESRemove is the only way to really remove everything but it must make assumptions that things have been done correctly. Yes you can do most of the cleanup by removing the application via Add/Remove programs but all the extra files that are created during the execution of the program will be left behind. There is no possible way of having a global list of what should be deleted.

Additionally by installing in a root directory, the client will actually attempt to make the entire drive only readable by an Administrator as it tries to enforce its security model. The directory will have a SACL attached to it that says only Administrators and it will be inherited by every directory below it.