BESImportFile-1.2.exe BESAPI.XMLImporter.ImportFile error: class curl::easy

(imported topic written by ArturIBM)


I’m doing some BigFix/TEM testing and trying to make use of the PlatformAPI .

Now I wonder how to use BESImportFile-1.2.exe

My environment

TEM Server 8.2.1093.0

API 8.2.1093.0

Before I install API I copy masthead from server to folder where i have API setup.exe

Now I try to run BESImportFile-1.2.exe

and I get

c:\SRC\Fixlets\ConsoleApplication1\ConsoleApplication1\bin\Debug>BESImportFile-1.2.exe IBM-LSA5R768IRA admin password c:\abc.bes

BESAPI.XMLImporter.ImportFile error: class curl::easy_init_Failed

This server name IBM-LSA5R768IRA I copy from TEM console login frame

but when i run BESImportFile-1.1.exe

c:\SRC\Fixlets\ConsoleApplication1\ConsoleApplication1\bin\Debug>BESImportFile-1.1.exe admin password c:\abc.bes

IDs: 43

everything is ok

I also try to used C# api but I have the same problem

When I do not set SetServer everything is ok

but when I set SetServer like this

BESAPILib.XMLImporter xmlImporter = new BESAPILib.XMLImporter();


I get the same error message BESAPI.XMLImporter.ImportFile error: class curl::easy_init_Failed

I read some information that I need copy certificate from TEM server and put it in the same Location as my executable .

How get this certificate ? (e.g the default name of it)