BESClient setup.exe and TCP/UPD port

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Hi all,

New to TEM BigFix full of questions. I’ve just installed a BESClient to one of my test Windows 2003 server behind a dmz. I don’t see the client on my TEM console.

I have not opened both TCP/UDP port 52311. I am under the impression that I can install the client and use one of the 3 options provided to me.



Any advice is greatly appreciated.



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Like said, you’ll need to either add a relay in your DMZ that your clients can communicate with, then allow your relay to communicate through your firewalls to another relay/your main BES server, or add a firewall rule for each client in your DMZ to commmunicate with an internal relay/Main BES Server.

My vote would be for adding a relay to your dmz, then only allowing tcp 52311 from that relay to an internal relay