BESAuditTrailCleaner.exe Best Practices?

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I just stumbled upon the BESAuditTrailCleaner tool. Does anyone use this tool on a regular basis to trim their databases? What exactly are “Useless Action Results”? Are they 100% useless and safe to delete?

Every now and then I have to dig through the database looking up information on deleted computers. If I run this tool, will I lose that capability?

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Hi dgibson,

I believe that “useless action results” are that older agents used to report “Not Relevant” for policy actions… These were never displayed in the Console but they started to take a lot of space in the database… So they are “useless” because you never see or know about them… I believe newer agents don’t bother to send these results (I will need to check on this)… Either way, I don’t know of any issues with deleting these results in the years since we have introduced this tool…

I believe the audit tool will have an option to remove deleted computers from the database. If you choose this option, you will permanently remove the info about these deleted computers.