BES operator certification

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Hello BigFix user community,

After many requests from the field, the Professional Services group at BigFix is working on the creation of a Certification program. This would be a program of instruction and testing focused on the BigFix Enterprise Suite that would result in the award of an official certification from BigFix. I am not at liberty to discuss the ideas that we are considering as part of the program but I would like to give our user community here a chance to give us suggestions and ideas.

What abilities would you expect a BigFix certified operator to have?

Have you gone through a certification program before? What did you like or not like? Were there approaches that were engaging or especially effective? Was the training web based or in person or both? Was the testing web based or in person or both? Do you have a great test question? Was there a lab session? Would you want to come to the BigFix HQ for your certification or some local facility?

These are the sort of things that I am most interested in but you can provide any input you feel merits our attention. You can reply in this thread or of you prefer lend your input in a more private fashion you can e-mail them to me at and I will share them with the team.



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I’m sure it will revolve mainly around relevance, but besides that…

  • Able to navigate the console and know where things are and the difference between Fixlets, Tasks, and Analysys
  • Able to roll out and roll back patches
  • Know how to setup a system of relays which could include slow links
  • Know how to troubleshoot a patch/app push (Follow the logs on server, relays, clients)
  • How to stop and archive actions
  • Best practice for a smooth running system (not too many option actions, only the analysi you need turned on, Use the BigFix deployment health check)
  • How to setup operators/reset passwords
  • Something the other about the web console… Like when to use it and when to avoid it…
  • how to mass deploy the agents


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Hey Guys, did any exam get produced in the end?

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Yes, what ever happened to this? I see this link exists, but it just goes to the Training page.

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The short answer is that we have lots of training, but not a formal program that ends with a certificate… Are you guys asking because you are interested in an official BigFix certification program like the one MS/Cisco/etc have?


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Yes, I am. Next week I will be taking the 202 course and then will have completed 101, 201, & 202. Just wondering what else was available.

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I would be interested.

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I would love to have something not only to let people know instantly that we who use it, but we know how to use it. Sometimes it just isn’t enough to say it these days. It is all about the paper it seems.

Im certain that I don’t know as much about this software as many of you, but I give it my all. I am learning more each day and this still leaves me speechless somedays with all I am doing now…and the things I will be doing with it tomorrow.


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Any progress on Certification program?

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Hey guys,

Now that we are part of IBM, we are looking at how to integrate with their certification programs. This won’t necessarily come in the short term, but it looks like this is our path forward.


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good to hear.

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Agreed, I’m looking forward to hearing more about this in the future.

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I would also be interested in a program like this.

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We are currently working on a “TEM Deployment” certification. This is NOT a “TEM Operator” certification. There are no plans for additional certifications at this point, however, if this certification is popular it is very likely that more advanced certifications would be created.