BES Console will not load properly

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I’m trying to install the BES Console on my local workstation. It will load to a point, but will then just sit with the Computers tab stuck at loading. You can see the baselines and fixlets, even the computer groups…but the computers tab never fills in, stays at zero.

This is the first load, and I have let it try for an hour before I stop it. I checked ODBC and it looks OK and connects with the test with no problems.


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Does the mouse cursor turn into just an arrow or does it stay as an arrow with an hour glass? If it becomes an arrow that means the BES Console is fully loaded and likely your BES Console user just doesn’t have any computers assigned to manage. If it stays as an arrow with an hour glass it is just taking a long time. If you are trying to connect over a slow network link from home this is likely the problem, you’ll need a high speed connection to run the BES Console.

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One last idea would be to clear the BES Console cache and see if its able to load after that. Your cache may be corrupted and the BES Console is spinning at some point because of that.