BES clients not reporting since power outage!

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Since our power in the building went off, no BES clients have reported back! Tried rebooting the BES server, client, and restarting SQL services on the SQL server. Still nothing. Reinstalled a BES client and this did not show up in db BF console. Spoke with networking guys and they said all domain controllers are up and fine. And performed diagnostic tests and all is green. Any idea?

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Sounds like you should check with support… We will want to check whether the problem is related to the server accepting client reports (we will want to see if there are any files in the bufferdir)… and if there are files then we need to check to see why they aren’t loading into the database (so we will see if FillDB service is started and if it has access to the database).


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Read the Bigfix doc on ODBC setup. It was my ODBC configuration. Needs that bes_ All is well now.