Bes Client not able to connect to relay

Hello All,

I am facing a situation , in which i am able to telnet my relay but still in logs i am getting general transport failure.

Also relays are not reporting with current date and time , and telnet is happening bidirectionally.

Please help !!!

check log relay or try copying the full url (http://:52311/cgi-bin/bfgather.exe/actionsite) into internet explorer on the box and see if that resolves or not.

With FQDN name(Hostname) it says page is not displayed and with ip address it is giving me the output.

Is the relay in question communicating with it’s upstream infrastructure (i.e. top-level relay or root BES server)?

Have you checked for circular relay affiliation configuration with this relay?

What do you get when you check the BESRelay diagnostic page (i.e. http://server_fdqn:52311/rd)? If you’re running version 9.5.6 you’ll have to send content to enable the Relay Diagnostic feature.

Have you confirmed that TCP & UDP on 52311 is open on the necessary firewalls to allow full BigFix communications?

If you can post details from the BESRelay.log and BESClient yyyyMMdd.log files it would be helpful.